The Rustic | September 2017

Owned by country music star Pat Green, The Rustic is a family style eatery with a unique menu and regular live entertainment taking the stage at its own outdoor music venue. With a backyard-like atmosphere in mind, having open access between the interior and exterior was essential to the design of this 28,000 square foot restaurant.

Video Credit: KSAT12

San Antonio, Texas

Black Diamond Construction


The open concept of this design allows customers the ability to roam freely between the restaurant and out to the stage where live music is featured almost every day of the week. The openings needed to be wide and spacious to handle large volumes of people and to provide the relaxed backyard-like atmosphere they were shooting for.

While Black Diamond Construction had most of the project planned, they were lacking the necessary framing and hardware to give folding-mobility to their 8ft high solid steel doors. Needless to say, we were happy to receive the call and play a small role in making this one-of-kind restaurant come to life.